Wednesday, November 18, 2009


November 18, 2009

Sempra/SDG&E hope to dupe the Feds into funding the 2 BILLION DOLLAR cost of their self-serving Sunrise Powerlink -- so they can "export pollution" and maintain US dependence on foreign energy for generations to come.  With their "terrorist target" sized natural gas storage tanks completed on 300 acres of pristine Ensenada coastline...Sempra/SDG&E prepare to collect their cheap, unregulated natural gas shipments from Indo-China and Russian sources; despite the fact that there are no shortages in the US. The natural gas will be piped (more destruction), through an extensive gas distribution system to include Sempra's Termoelectrica de Mexicali facility.  This plant is located just a few miles from the US border and in an optimal spot to connect with the Sunrise Powerlink.  The facility, by law, could not be built in the US because the surrounding area's air quality rates as one of the worst in California...of course all US environmental laws have been bypassed anyway.  This project was deemed "not in the rate-payer's best interest" it stands to reason that it is also not in the tax-payer's best interest.

Sempra: Exporting Pollution
2002 article excerpt from J.P. Ross of GREENPEACE...before Sempra had formulated the "renewable energy" lie: 


Sempra Energy, an investor driven company, somehow managed to get CPUC approval to build a 123 mile, 500KV power line for the sole purpose of connecting to their unregulated, foreign purchased natural gas and NG power plant located outside the United Baja.  The Sunrise Powerlink would run from Mexicali (Baja) and ultimately to Orange County, providing cheap, polluting energy to Sempra's preferred, big money Los Angeles market.

The CPUC, in closed door meetings with Sempra's legion of deep pocketed lobbyists, (including one who uses sex to gain favor for Sempra SDG&E -- with no less than the married, and now ex-Vice Chairman of the Utilities and Commerce Committee), approved the Sunrise Powerlink with no mandate to build the solar fields in the Imperial Valley -- or any renewable energy projects.  Additionally, the CPUC (appointed by Gov. Schwartzenneger), approved the Powerlink with no restrictions to access their polluting, foreign energy sources.

Sempra/SDG&E chose an unproven, foreign (Irish Conglomerate) company called Stirling Solar Dish to build their so-called solar fields.  Stirling officials testified that they will move forward with flawed technology that has long suffered from hydrogen and seal leaks...ensuring that they (Sempra/SDG&E), will have a built in excuse for years of delays or, more likely, an excuse to never build the solar fields.

Sempra/SDG&E admitted to the SEC that there is little or no profit in renewable energy.

SDG&E's own sworn testimony is documented stating that the utility does not need to build the Sunrise Powerlink for any of their ongoing or proposed renewable projects -- including their latest deception of wind energy.  (..."does not need to build the Powerlink to meet California's renewable mandate.")

The EIR (Environmental Impact Report), is on the record stating that the Sunrise Powerlink is not needed; there is more than enough capacity on our existing Southwest Power Line.

In 2006, California arbitration judges ruled that Sempra created "artificial congestion" on our region's existing 500 KV power lines (remember the fake rolling blackouts)...attempting to deceive the public into believing we needed more energy to justify the need for the Sunrise Powerlink.  Sempra was ordered to pay $70 MILLION in fines to the state of California.  It's widely believed that the "energy officials" based their energy policy on those false congestion figures.

In 2007, during Labor Day weekend, SDG&E was merely scolded for broadcasting unauthorized, false warnings of power shortages and possible blackouts.  There were no shortages and only the ISO (Independent Systems Operators) are authorized to issue warnings.  Of course, SDG&E denied that this transgression had anything to do with justification of the Sunrise Powerlink. (San Diego Union Tribune)

SDG&E rate-payers (us) will have to pay the 2 BILLION DOLLAR cost of building the Powerlink.  Construction of the Powerlink will entitle the utility to raise our rates at least 10%...even on top of their yearly outrageous price hikes.  Of course, this price does not include the permanent destruction and contamination of over 80,000 acres of public and privately owned land through our beautiful, extremely fire prone backcountry.

Sempra/SDG&E investors expect at least 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS in profit...just for themselves.  Governor Schwartzenneger's Statements of Economic Interest reveal that he and his wife, Maria Shriver, own huge blocks of Sempra stock.  When the actor assumed office, the couple sold off some of their holdings, but reinvested the rest in one of those "blind trusts"..where he expects to enjoy big time revenue gains when he is out of office.

SDG&E decided to close their Chula Vista plant and rely on Sunrise Powerlink for replacement power...even though it would be much more cost effective to refurbish the Chula Vista Plant with state-of -art CLEAN technology.  Rather, SDG&E thinks it would be better to destroy over 123 miles of OUR backcountry, spend billions of OUR dollars, and replace OUR US regulated energy with dirty energy from Mexico.  **Recently, on the KUSI morning news, Chula Vista councilman Castenada quietly admitted that the Chula Vista plant NEVER had anything to do with the Sunrise Powerlink.  Obviously ashamed, he gave no reason why Chula Vista had entire websites proclaiming the Powerlink was necessary to replace the Chula Vista plant.

J.P. Ross of GREENPEACE best described the Sunrise Powerlink as Sempra's plan to "EXPORT POLLUTION" from Mexico to Los Angeles.  He also states, "The power plants and natural gas infrastructure that Sempra is planning in Mexicali (outside US regulation standards), would add 35% more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than is already produced by the entire state of California's current natural gas consumption." 
CorpWatch-Sempra: Exporting Pollution :

Sempra and SDG&E have spent millions and millions of dollars (of utility customer's money), with a criminally deceptive campaign touting Sunrise Powerlink as the provider of "renewable" or lately, "reliable" energy for San Diego.

In reality, Sunrise Powerlink is nothing more than a deceptive scheme (at rate-payer's expense), to connect Sempra's cheap, polluting, foreign energy from their natural gas plants in Mexico to their preferred, big money Los Angeles market.

Sunrise Powerlink is based on lies, deceit and greed --with no regard for the environment, the people or for building a legacy of renewable, affordable energy.

Nothing good...can EVER be created from lies, deceit and greed.


There is no source of intelligence or wisdom from a company motivated by GREED.

A wise company would not ENDANGER and even HURT innocent people.

A wise company would not SEIZE and permanently DESTROY hundreds of miles of private and public environmentally important land in the United States and Baja.

A wise company would not use BRIBERY, LIES and DECEIT to corrupt and silence weak political scammers throughout California and Baja.

A wise company would not significantly INCREASE and compound harmful POLLUTANTS into our world now and well into the future.

...Just for their own SELFISH GAIN.