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Sempra's Costa Azul LNG in Ensenada

The Sunrise Powerlink is just one part of Sempra/SDG&E's master plan to use natural gas that Sempra- in partnership with the most heinous, evil company in the world: BRITISH PETROLEUM (BP) literally plunders from poor third world countries such as Indonesia and New Guinea.

Due to the record glut of natural gas production in the United States, the need for Sempra/ BP's foreign, shipped, unregulated natural gas is an UNNECESSARY: (1) expense, (2) destruction of 1000's of miles of eco-rich wild-land and wildlife, (3) USA foreign energy dependence and (4) significant increase to Global Pollution -- that would further devastate the crippled US economy and it's fragile, abused (by corporate-greed) environment
There is no honest reason why the people of the United States should reward Sempra and British Petroleum (both have committed major crimes against the USA) with foreign natural gas contracts and construction of transmission lines and pipelines...based on their incorrect speculations - solely for their profit --with no benefit and yet extreme cost to the citizens of the USA.

This natural gas, purchased for next to nothing by Sempra and BP, is then shipped in unregulated foreign ships with foreign crews to dangerous, colossal storage tanks that Sempra built on the beautiful, pristine, Ensenada coastline. Sempra carelessly and callously built these extremely volatile LGN tanks on a major earthquake fault line.

Sempra is now facing charges of bribery, fraud and collusion among other crimes for blatantly disregarding environmental, public and safety impacts by the Baja government.

Sempra then "pipes" this ill-begotten natural gas clear across Baja to their Mexicali NG processing plant (also built by Sempra on a major fault line)-where they hope to connect to the proposed Sunrise Powerlink under the false front of "renewable" or "green" energy.
These dangerous structures would never be allowed to be built in the USA. Sempra/SDG&E has "trashed" Baja to get around US regulation and law...which is illegal. If Sempra does not want to abide by US environmental regulations and law...then they should leave the US...
Sempra's Termoelectrica in Mexicali
Sempra/SDG&E are trying a get a bill passed by CA Assemblyman Manuel Perez, 80th, to charge utilities fines for using unregulated, foreign energy. This bill is deceptively written to appear as a stop-gap against the Powerlink connecting to foreign energy. In actuality, this bill ALLOWS Sempra/SDGE to connect to Sempra's Mexicali Termoelectrica (foreign natural gas electricity generating plant) in exchange for a $497,000 monthly "foreign pollution" fine that would be yet another outrageous fee that will be passed on to California's used and abused ratepayers.

Ex-VP Cheney aided the investor-driven, for profit business of Sempra Energy/SDGE by ordering the BLM to approve the Sunrise Powerlink without any benefit or regard to environmental studies. Cheney was fully aware that the Powerlink would be used to connect to Sempra's natural gas powerplant in Baja...and that Sempra/SDGE had conspired to deceive the public by claiming the Powerlink would be used for "renewable energy".

"THE GREAT TRANSMISSION LINE HEIST","The latest scheme to subsidize solar and wind power to the detriment of rate payers.", written by The Wall Street Journal, reports of Cheney and Sempra Energy's (among others), hateful scheme to crisscross our nation with unneeded, polluting 500KV lines to connect to "renewable energy (solar & wind) that will NEVER be built...but the powerlines will --at taxpayer's and ratepayer's expense. And in the case of the Sunrise Powerlink- the prehistoric, outdated technology will connect to polluting, foreign, expensive, natural gas electricity generating plants in Mexico...solely for the profit of these dinosaur corporations (Sempra/SDG&E). This is pure Cheney --rob from innocent taxpayers/ratepayers and our beautiful USA environment...and give to the most base, most vile corporations...Corporations who don't care about anything but their own profit and domination.

 SDG&E's CEO, Debra Reed sits on the board of directors of Halliburton Industries, the oil services giant formerly run by ex-VP Cheney as well as a company known for its billion dollar "no-bid" contracts in Iraq.
CA Governor Schwarzenegger, suffering from dismal voter approval ratings (just a few points ahead of California's only impeached Governor - Grey Davis), aggressively pushed the Powerlink and demanded his appointed CPUC members to approve the Powerlink...or face dismissal. Gov Schwarzenegger
wrote not one, but two letters to his appointed CPUC commissioners to approve the line. The second letter was received just days before the December 18th vote. Gov Schwarzenegger also reappointed Mike Peevey (who formerly headed Southern California Edison) as CPUC President, just days after Peevey
wrote his own alternate decision in favor of the Sunrise Powerlink, which was later accepted by the Commission.
Schwarzenegger has also helped Sempra as well as Big Oil and Gas companies in other projects -including his attempt to push construction of a dangerous natural gas pipeline in Oregon...that ultimately would receive natural gas shipments from Sempra's Ensenada LGN storage tanks by way of the Columbia River in Oregon. This is the SAME natural gas that the Sunrise Powerlink would use from Sempra's Mexicali plant. Additionally, Schwarzenegger owns vast amounts of Sempra stock...currently in a "blind trust".

Senator Diane Feinstein attempted to push the Sunrise Powerlink through and asked our US Forest Service to approve building permits without important, critical environmental and public safety studies and reports- so Sempra/SDGE could begin immediate construction.
Senator Feinstein has received very generous donations from Sempra/SDGE, while with her other hand, accepted money from the Sierra Club...who is opposed to the Powerlink. Senator Feinstein was instrumental in getting ex-Sempra lobbyist and lawyer, David Hayes' appointment as Deputy Director of the Interior - despite harsh opposition from- among others, the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Great Oak - 1500 year old coast live oak
Deputy Director of the Interior, David Hayes is an ex-Sempra Energy lobbyist and lawyer. As legal council for Sempra, David Hayes helped Sempra exert tremendous pressure to block the Penchenga Band of Luiseno Indians rightful control of their ancestral lands and one of California's greatest natural treasures - The Great Oak Ranch.

The tribe had been working for nearly a decade and was finally able to gain its ancestral lands by purchasing the ranch. Great Oak Ranch is named for the approximately 1500 year old Coast Live Oak tree on the property - the largest natural growing, indigenous coast live oak in the United States, with a trunk 20 feet in diameter...this tree would be within 200 feet of the 500KV Valley-Rainbow interconnect transmission lines that would be built ...if the Sunrise Powerlink is constructed. Hayes, as Sempra's lawyer, tried to block the Penchengas' application to the Department of the Interior so the tribe would not have control of their own sacred ancestral lands.

Protesting Sempra's Costa Azul in Ensenada
Local San Diego community organizations such as East County Community Action Coalition have already gathered over 75,000 signatures from individuals and groups opposed to the Powerlink.   Every credible environmental group and authority- including -The Sierra Club: ,   GREENPEACE ,   Center for Biological Diversity  , Pacific Environment,   UCAN  and   Bill Powers  -- all are OPPOSED to this deceptive, polluting project.
Both SDG&E (in sworn testimony), and the Environmental Impact Report clearly state that the Sunrise Powerlink is not needed for any on-going or proposed renewable projects..there is more than enough capacity on our existing Southwest Powerline for ALL aspects of these projects right now and in the future.

Sempra/SDG&E testified to the SEC that there is little or no profit in renewable energy.

Sempra's Finest - Another GUILTY Verdict
With a current running tally of over $15 MILLION in fines imposed for numerous incidents of lying and fraudulent acts, Sempra and SDG&E have lost all credibility and reliability for providing truthful, accurate information regarding the Powerlink and the devastating environmental, cultural and economic impacts that construction and operation of the Powerlink would cause.

Sempra/SDG&E are still dearly paying for creating "artificial congestion" (fake blackouts) on our existing Powerline. Sempra settled a $23 billion lawsuit regarding alleged market manipulations for around $350 MILLION in January of 2006, one month after SDG&E applied to the CPUC for a permit to build the Powerlink. Additionally, Sempra has paid $70 MILLION to the State of California and on top of that, the latest $430 MILLION supposedly to be paid to the CA ratepayers they swindled. Sempra and SDG&E have the sheer arrogance (or ignorance), to claim the Sunrise Powerlink is needed to avoid "blackouts" or for "reliable energy" doubt a pathetic attempt to get a return on their major $$ fines (so far over $850 MILLION ), for lying and deceiving the people and the government.

It's quite obvious why the CPUC/Sempra want to push this project through without following proper guidelines or adequately informing the public. There are countless incidents of falsifying reports, omitting critical information (they didn't even consider co-location), bribery (wining and dining) and callously brushing aside the absolute extreme unmitigatible fire threat to our National Forest land, hundreds of thousands of people, animals, wildlife and property.
Pity the people who have to support this foul byproduct of Sempra and SDG&E's greed. So much permanent global destruction, pollution and cost...just for the gain of a few.

Nothing good - can EVER be created from lies, deceit and greed.


There is no source of intelligence or wisdom from a company motivated by GREED.

A wise company would not ENDANGER, HURT and even KILL innocent people and animals.

A wise company would not SEIZE and permanently DESTROY over one thousand miles of private and public environmentally important land in the United States and Baja.

A wise company would not use BRIBERY, LIES and DECEIT to corrupt and silence weak political scammers throughout the United States and Baja.

A wise company would not significantly INCREASE and compound GLOBAL POLLUTION into our world now and well into the future.

...Just for their own SELFISH GAIN.