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The Sunrise Powerlink would cut through
 San Diego's Cleveland National Forest
Sempra's (SDG&E) Sunrise Powerlink 500KV, an environmental and economic disaster for San Diego County and California-- would connect to Sempra's Termoelectrica de Mexicali- a natural gas electricity generating plant that receives ALL of it's LNG From Sempra's unlawful,unneeded, expensive, foreign and dangerous Energia Costa Azul LNG.

Sempra is spending millions of our dollars trying force (in partnership with the most evil BP), their very expensive, foreign, unregulated, unreliable liquified natural gas upon the people of California . Pacific Environment is one of the most respected environmental firms fighting to protect citizen's rights to live safely, economically, and to be able to pass on the Pacific Rim's historic, cultural and beautiful environment to future generations.

This natural gas from Costa Azul is extracted from foreign countries such as Indonesia and Sakhalin, Russia in partnership with the criminal BP-- and shipped to Sempra's Costa Azul regasification plants in Ensenada. This foreign natural gas is then piped all the way across Baja to Mexicali (and if everything goes according to their "scam" and California ratepayer's money), would be connected to the unbuilt and in legal-limbo (there are multiple upon multiple lawsuits filed against it)-- Sunrise Powerlink :a dangerous fire-prone 120 MILE - 500kv TRANSMISSION LINE- cutting through the east back country of San Diego through some of the highest rated fire risk areas in California.
Contrary to Sempra's "in-house" media spins, Sempra's imported (Costa Azul) LNG has always received widespread negative reception throughout California and Oregon. And as always, Sempra resorts to their "trademark" marketing strategy by --lying and trying to spread "mis-information" about their imported Costa Azul LNG. Pacific Environment identifies Sempra's deceiving and false statements and presents the verified truth about imported LNG and why it is WRONG for California:

Sempra is stating that there is a domestic natural gas shortage and that Sempra's imported LNG is needed. == The Truth is there is a domestic natural gas GLUT. US natural gas prices are much cheaper - with 25% less environmental impact (greenhouse gas emissions) than Sempra's imported LNG                                                                                     
Sempra states LNG is safe. == The truth is LNG is extremely volatile
Sempra states that LNG is a clean energy source and has little impact on global warming. ==The truth is extracting, shipping, processing, chilling and converting Sempra's foreign natural gas are major sources of global greenhouse gases.                                                                                    
Sempra states LNG is cheap and will lower power bills. ==The truth is it will increase all of California's utility bills by at least 10%, an unnecessary economic burden to the people of California
Sempra states that LNG will create jobs. ==The truth is very few temporary and a few highly specialized jobs only.
Sempra is stating that their imported LNG will help ensure against blackouts. == The TRUTH is STOPPING SEMPRA will help ensure against rolling blackouts..Sempra was found GUILTY of causing (among many other crimes), "artificial congestion"...fake blackouts --a major crime against the people and the US government.
1)  Natural gas is extracted by the polluting (causing toxic groundwater) fracking process of drilling overseas. (Indonesia, Russia..) 
2)  Chilled to -260 degrees Fahrenheit.
3)  Moved in huge tankers across the ocean. (Sempra, in partnership with BP)
4)  Re-gasified at coastal import terminals. ...(Energia Costa Azul in Ensenada)
5)  Sent into gas grid, or to electrical power plant. (Termoelectrica de Mexicali in Baja- to connect to the unbuilt, lawsuit ridden Sunrise Powerlink- for Los Angeles and currently connected to the existing Southwest Powerline to pollute, and overcharge San Diego rate-payers (electrical grids). This foreign, expensive, polluting LNG is also shipped to the Carlsbad LNG terminal (gas grid).

1.  Gas pipeline leaks common, 2.3% of gas lost.
2.  18 to 22 % of methane lost in extraction, liquefaction, shipping, and re-gasification.
3.  CO2 Emitted from LNG tankers.
4.  Methane: Warms planet 20 times greater than CO2.
5.  Burning Natural Gas at power plant emits CO2.
6.  Cumulative impact: LNG is only a marginal improvement over burning coal or oil.
7.  IPCC: In 1995, said GHG’s (greenhouse gases) must be cut by 70% in 100 years. Now some members saying that must be accelerated to 10 years.
...From Rory Cox, Program Director of Pacific Environment

"Sempra's imported Costa Azul LNG is a betrayal of the spirit of conservation in California- that made the off-shore drilling moratorium possible. By fast-tracking these LNG terminals and 500KV transmission line connections (Sunrise Powerlink), within California, our state is furthering our dependence on fossil fuels, and the building of large and dangerous facilities and transmission lines (Sunrise Powerlink). What's worse is that by importing LNG, we're moving the very gas production we won't tolerate off of our own coast to places around the world where environmental laws are routinely ignored, and where human rights abuses run amok....Sakhalin, Russia - Indonesia - New Guinea" ...from Pacific Environment. 
Sempra's(?)  Costa Azul Resort
The government has somewhat "re-regulated" California's privately owned utilities by authority of the CPUC...but, as we all know, the CPUC has devolved into just another accessory to promote companies like Sempra, SDG&E and PG&E's open fleecing and usury of California citizens. The president of the CPUC is Mike Peevey, who was head of Southern Cal how is this fair and equal justice as promised by our Constitution?  The CPUC has turned into a callous behemoth who only serves the greed of the utilities it's supposed to control and regulate.  Unethical actions are commonplace between the CPUC and Sempra/SDG&E...wining and dining-- including booze and Jazz Bars and trips to Hawaii (bribery-using SDG&E's ratepayer money)- even closed door, secret meetings between the CPUC and Sempra/SDG&E (after depositions) occur without any ethical accountability.
Corrupt CPUC Simon
CPUC Commissioner SIMON approves multiple rate increases to abused and over-burdened San Diego ratepayers for $ TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Despite the fact that Simon was caught red-handed being wined & dined (Booze, Jazz Bars, 1st Class Night Life -bribery) by SDG&E- using San Diego ratepayer's money. CPUC SIMON even had a petition for his removal filed in court for having closed door secret meetings and deals with SDG&E AFTER deposition (for this rate case).

 SDG&E was found GUILTY by expert's sworn testimony, of causing THREE catastrophic San Diego Wildfires in 2007 -- due to shoddy maintenance and installation of power lines. SDG&E was FINED $14 MILLION by the State of California.  

In direct opposition to proven, documented court cases, rulings and expert testimony -- CPUC Simon claims that the wildfires were San Diego's fault- stating " San Diego was not prepared for the wildfires".. and approves $ tens of millions in rate hikes to innocent San Diego ratepayers.
***In SDG&E's upside-down world of falsities and lies -- Sempra/SDG&E pay tens of millions of dollars in FINES...but they will not admit guilt (payment of fines is proof enough of SDG&E/Sempra's GUILT). They call FINES ="settlements".  When Sempra/SDG&E are found guilty of lying, suppressing information and fraud; they call it "settlements in management failure"...Sempra/SDG&E only FOOL themselves.
From July 2010, SDG&E/Sempra lobbyist Skopec violates federal law to pander Sempra's Sunrise Powerlink to CPUC. Three days after Skopec's "meeting" with Nancy Ryan, chief of staff to the president of the state Public Utilities Commission, (the lead regulator for the Sunrise Powerlink project.), the CPUC REVERSED a ruling from the CPUC administrative law judge and approved the Sunrise Powerlink. The staff member, Ryan, was then appointed as a CPUC commissioner.
Sempra/ SDG&E's main strategy for "approval" of the Sunrise Powerlink= Corruption & Collusion...outrageous that California citizens have to endure (and pay for) these criminal actions in plain view! The Sunrise Powerlink is a Sempra project, cutting through the highest rated fire zone in the state, the beautiful backcountry, National Forest land, and public BLM land--under the FALSE front of "renewable energy" - there is none! The CPUC rejected the administrative law judge's ruling to require any renewable energy! The Sunrise Powerlink would connect ,with the CPUC's approval, to Sempra's polluting foreign fossil fuel (natural gas from Russia, Indonesia) sources in Baja - Costa Azul LNG. The US has a glut of natural gas, it is much cheaper, and less polluting than Sempra's foreign LNG --forced upon San Diegans by approval of the CPUC. Only corruption, bribery and collusion would approve this disaster of a project (Sunrise Powerlink) upon the people of San Diego...and it's not even for San Diego - but, unknowing Los Angeles!

From March, 2009 -SDG&E/Sempra purposely & maliciously LIES to state utility regulators and San Diego citizens about the "southern alternative route" of the Sunrise Powerlink. SDG&E was fined $1 MILLION by the CPUC...The innocent people severely affected by SDG&E's lie receive NOTHING!
  SDG&E claimed the "southern route" would not be possible because affected Native Americans refused to allow the lines on their tribal land. SDG&E/Sempra lied because the southern route did in fact avoid tribal lands. SDG&E/Sempra's intentions were to deceive affected innocent residents of the "southern route" to stop them from fighting the line. Just one of many "tricks" SDG&E/Sempra had to use to force approval of the Sunrise Powerlink---even though the EIR, CPUC administrative law judges, the majority of citizens, environmentalists, renewable energy advocates...among many- ALL OPPOSED the Sunrise Powerlink.
Sempra/SDG&E's so called "fines" for crimes imposed on them by the CPUC were a SHAM and a joke.  $500K for the bogus "state general fund"? -  $200K for CPUC pockets? - $200K for "ethics training"?  These CPUC generated "fake fines" are an extreme injustice and insult to innocent citizens - as well as a waste of ratepayer's money.  SDG&E ratepayers are the ones who must pay the fines when Sempra/SDG&E repeatedly commit these crimes...with the CPUC's approval.
Secret deals between the CPUC and Sempra/SDG&E routinely occur to the detriment of California ratepayers. The CPUC increased California's "rate base" specifically for Sempra's Costa Azul LNG project.  The CPUC, unbelievably, approved letting Sempra offload the cost of its $900 million Costa Azul terminal to all California ratepayers...even though this foreign enterprise has nothing to do with California ratepayers, but is merely a miscalculated, money making business venture for Sempra Energy.  Investment Dependent on Long Term, Rate-based Contracts With Utilities.
1.  Cost of Infrastructure Passed on to Ratepayers. (Costa Azul terminal, ports, pipelines..everything)
2.  Cost of Foreign Extraction Passed on to Taxpayers Through Export Credit Agencies. (from Sakhalin, Russia, Indonesia)
3.  September 2004: California Public Utilities Commission Approved Sempra’s Request for Rate Basing of Baja Project. (The CPUC significantly raised California's base rate...Californians unknowing paid for Energia Costa Azul in its entirety despite the fact that this ill-fated imported LNG scheme by Sempra and the CPUC was just a money making business venture.  Sempra has invested = ZERO DOLLARS. Sempra Energy, in actuality, does not own Energia Costa Azul and infrastructures but is merely a "middleman" collecting money..(it's called USURY in the United States and the act is illegal).

Sempra’s Costa Azul Project, Dec. 2005
Global Competition from China, India, Europe will Drive up Cost.

Sempra /SDG&E hope to force foreign, imported fossil fuels through California (via Sunrise Powerlink, Carlsbad LNG, Oregon, etc)...despite the fact that California has strict environmental laws (AB32) against using unregulated, foreign, polluting sources.

The CPUC DENIED all requests from numerous experts and coalitions to hold OPEN HEARINGS to determine the true need for Sempra's imported LNG from Costa Azul. Instead, the CPUC based their entire energy policy upon the written requests from LARGE ENERGY COMPANIES AND UTILITIES. The Schwartzenegger Admin proved to be the perfect PAWN or LACKEY for these private utility monopolies (Sempra, SDG&E) with complete and utter subservience to Sempra's demands. THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA HAS YET TO PRODUCE ANY CONCLUSIVE PROOF FROM AN INDEPENDENT SOURCE THAT WE NEED SEMPRA'S POLLUTING, EXPENSIVE, UNRELIABLE LNG FROM ENERGIA COSTA AZUL via Sunrise powerlink and the Carlsbad LNG.
The CPUC approved Sempra's request to terminate contracts with domestic natural gas that Sempra-SDG&E-CPUC would have a monopoly and force unknowing ratepayers into buying and using Sempra's (Costa Azul), more expensive, more polluting, more dangerous and less secure LNG.

Sempra's imported LNG will cost California ratepayers much more than domestic natural gas...AND there is even more financial burden for California ratepayers -- All the natural gas consumed in SDG&E territory will become natural gas derived from Sempra's imported LNG from Costa Azul.  Somehow Sempra received preliminary approval from the CPUC to "reverse flow" on the SDG&E natural gas pipeline system - to move this LNG from the Costa Azul terminal directly into the San Diego market.   Reversing the flow of natural gas from San Diego's current domestic natural to Sempra's imported natural gas from Costa Azul will cost ratepayers an additional $200 MILLION ...
Sempra in Baja - CPUC corruption
 The main purpose of the CPUC (according to their website), is to protect and serve the ratepayers, yet the CPUC approved this extreme additional burden to California's ratepayers without any consideration or research to ensure-- the best product for the best price ; California's environmental laws (AB32) which prohibits foreign, polluting sources (-the Sunrise Powerlink, the Carlsbad LNG), the health & safety of citizens...and especially, the polluting, expensive, destructive legacy we would have to explain to future generations when they ask...How could this happen??
Costa Azul LNG
The cost of Costa Azul LNG - $800-$900 million + the cost of shipping, chilling and processing foreign natural gas - unknown + the cost of Casa Azul Resort - $20 million + the cost of reversing flow of natural gas from domestic to Sempra's foreign, polluting, expensive natural gas - $200 million...that figures to be about the same rate increase as the "largest in history" rate hike ($1.8 BILLION) Sempra/SDG&E (with the help of the CPUC), hope to rob and fleece San Diego rate-payers. 

Although San Diego has the most sunny, temperate, balmy weather in the world...Sempra/SDG&E already charge San Diego rate-payers some of the highest rates in the country.
Sempra/SDG&E's master plan for San Diego: all the power sold by SDG&E by 2016 that produces CO2 emissions (including the Sunrise Powerlink and Carlsbad LNG), will be generated by power plants burning Sempra's imported, expensive, polluting LNG from Costa Azul.
Sempra Energy ships the foreign LNG to its Costa Azul terminal and sells it to a subsidiary called Sempra Trading, which will in turn sell it to Sempra-owned San Diego Gas & Electric and Sempra-owned SoCal Gas, creating a giant vertical structure-- perfectly configured for price fixing.
 The CPUC is "willfully allowing the intent & spirit of CA Environmental Law AB32 (California's Landmark Environmental Law that big oil failed to defeat via Prop 23) to be VIOLATED by not accounting for full emissions impact in electricity generation...from IMPORTED LNG- Sempra's Costa Azul - including Sunrise Powerlink and the proposed Carlsbad LNG. 

(From RACE AB32 Scoping testimony).

The CPUC agreed to end all of San Diego's domestic natural gas sources without regard for the law, the environment, the economy or what is best for the ratepayers.  The CPUC has also approved letting Sempra offload the cost of its $800-900 million Costa Azul LNG terminal to all California ratepayers.  

"The CPUC has in effect delivered California ratepayers into the hands of Sempra Energy and SDG&E to be "hooked" into a dependency on much more EXPENSIVE, more POLLUTING, more DANGEROUS, IMPORTED natural gas from Sempra's Costa Azul (via Sunrise Powerlink and Carlsbad LNG among others)..that Californians have no control (or knowledge) over."... Energy Bulletin
California Ratepayers and our Global Environment are being ripped-off, robbed and fleeced by the concerted efforts of the CPUC - Sempra Energy - SDG&E - and our soon to be ex- Gov. Schwartzenegger- forcing unknowing Californians to use Sempra's very expensive, polluting, natural gas,-- shipped and piped from Sempra's private, money making business venture - Costa Azul LNG facility (that California ratepayers unknowingly PAID for in full),  via Sunrise Powerlink and the proposed Carlsbad LNG.

By forcing California ratepayers to unknowingly pay for Sempra Energy's Costa Azul LNG terminal in Baja...The CPUC has, without thought or care to USA citizens -- possibly put the United States and/or California at international risk for liability to Sempra's many crimes and lawsuits in the Sanchez Ritchie illegal seizing (and fraud) of property; the extreme environmental and cultural damage to Baja without regard to Mexican environmental regulations, public health & safety;  the bribery and strong-arm tactics used by Sempra against Marathon Oil, The Bolivia natural gas fiasco...

A nationwide spike in LNG proposals started in 2003 with a declaration of need by former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan.  By 2005, there were 55 terminals proposed across the country.
Since then, new technology for extracting natural gas from shale has boosted estimates of the U.S. domestic gas supply - particularly in the Rocky Mountain region - DECREASING THE NEED FOR IMPORTED LNG. U.S. natural gas prices are about half of what they were two years ago.

Due to the record glut of natural gas production in the United States, the need for Sempra/ BP's foreign, shipped, unregulated natural gas is an UNNECESSARY- (1) expense, (2) destruction of 1000's of miles of eco-rich wild-land (and wildlife), (3) USA foreign energy dependence and (4) significant increase to Global Pollution -- that would further devastate the crippled US economy and it's fragile, abused (by corporate-greed) environment. 

  There is no honest reason why the people of the United States should reward Sempra and British Petroleum (both have committed major crimes against the USA; both companies are "global" with no loyalty or allegiance to the USA), with foreign natural gas contracts and construction of destructive, polluting, transmission lines (Sunrise Powerlink), and pipelines...based on their incorrect speculations - solely for their profit --with no benefit and yet extreme cost to the citizens and the environment of California and beyond.

The latest scheme to subsidize solar and wind power to the detriment of rate payers.", written by The Wall Street Journal, reports of Cheney and Sempra Energy's (among others), hateful scheme to crisscross our nation with unneeded, polluting 500KV lines to connect to "renewable energy"(solar & wind) that will NEVER be built...but the power lines will --at taxpayer's and ratepayer's expense. And in case of the Sunrise Powerlink: the prehistoric, dangerous 500kv technology will be used to connect to a polluting, foreign, expensive, natural gas electricity generating plant in Mexico, (Termoelectrica de Mexicali),  guaranteeing California's dependence on: not only foreign energy, but also-- California's dependence on the greedy whims of corrupt utility companies --(Sempra/SDG&E). This is pure Cheney --rob from innocent taxpayers, ratepayers and our beautiful USA environment...and give to the most base, most vile corporations...companies that don't care about anything but their own profit and domination.

Sempra Energy and SDG&E continue to lie to the public, the media, and government agencies, claiming that all of their (unbuilt) solar and wind projects are dependent on the expensive, dangerous and environmentally destructive construction of the SUNRISE POWERLINK. The Sunrise Powerlink estimated costs have now risen to over $3 BILLION...and yet greedy, self-serving companies like Sempra/SDG&E are more than willing to burden innocent California ratepayers with this $3 BILLION LIE.

"Yet, as the Draft EIR thankfully indicates— and as expert after expert has testified— Sunrise Powerlink is a false choice. The EIR’s top two alternatives clearly show that this region— its economy and its landscape— are better served by local, distributed generation -- not imported, generation."  From Diane Jacob, Supervisor, 2nd District, County of San Diego.

Leading authority Bill Powers, often hired by community groups and governments and companies to provide expert testimony on power issues opposes the $1.9 billion Sunrise Powerlink line as "unneeded and too expensive", and calls the decision approving it “a period piece.”  Central to Powers’ vision is that San Diego can produce the renewable power it needs here, negating the need both for big transmission and big desert solar farms. It’s a concept called distributed generation.
Yellow = Utility --  Red = Non Residential -- Blue = Residential
"Private solar installations are really taking off nationwide. In just two years, (about the same length of time it takes to get a pair of 250 MW solar power plants approved in California, for example), homeowners and businesses have added that much power to the Californian grid, just from individual rooftops throughout the state."...From Clean Technica.


 When asked, "Do we need the Sunrise Powerlink in order to have clean renewable energy in San Diego, and to meet California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)? " ..."No. Renewable energy goals can be met by existing transmission lines", as conceded under oath by Jim Avery, a Senior Vice President of SDG&E.   (Source: Craig D. Rose, San Diego Union-Tribune, “Powerlink’s supply called into question,” July 11, 2007)  (California's "Renewable Portfolio Standard" has not changed since Jim Avery, SR VP of SDG&E made this sworn statement in 2007)

Additionally, local renewable energy resources are available in San Diego. This has been confirmed by a 2005 report partially funded by SDG&E entitled, “Potential for Renewable Energy in the San Diego Region.” (Source: San Diego Regional Renewable Energy Study Group, “Potential for Renewable Energy in the San Diego Region,” August 2005)

In evaluating the Sunrise Powerlink project, the independent consumer watchdog group, Utility Consumer’s Action Network (UCAN) noted that SDG&E has “exaggerated” the need for this project, has “understated its costs,” has “ignored reasonable alternatives,” and has engaged in a “systematic scheme to mislead the public.”
“UCAN Testimony on Overview of Technical Testimony, SDG&E Misinformation and Alternatives,” June 1, 2007.

Furthermore, the Division of Ratepayer Advocates (DRA), the arm of the California Public Utilities Commission that advocates on behalf of public utility customers, maintains Sunrise is clearly not needed to meet any of its stated objectives, including the critical goal of providing reliable service in San Diego.  DRA (Division of Ratepayer Advocates)  is not convinced that Sunrise is the best alternative for meeting such goals, or even that Sunrise’s benefits will exceed its costs.
San Diego Gas & Electric Co. said its proposed Sunrise Powerlink "might" carry 'dirty' electricity ... [SDG&E Vice-President] Jim Avery added that there may be times when it would be in SDG&E customers' interest for the line to transport electricity generated from imported fossil fuels. (Sempra/BP's natural gas from Indonesia, New Guinea, Russia piped from Ensenada to Sempra's Mexicali NG electricity generating plant (Termoelectrica de Mexicali) environmentals, no pollution standards, no public health and safety regulations)

SDG&E claims the Sunrise Powerlink will connect to planned solar plants in Imperial Valley. Experts have testified otherwise. In reality, Sunrise will link to "dirty" power plants across the border, worsening pollution in an area that already has poor air quality and the highest asthma rates in California.

SDG&E over-estimated the Powerlink's savings to consumers, and these numbers relied on electricity from Sempra's Mexicali NG polluting power plants. So much for clean, affordable electricity! The Utility Consumers Action Network estimates the line (Sunrise Powerlink) will actually cost consumers at least $93 million MORE per year.

Utility monopolies such as Sempra-SDG&E are "anathema to free capitalistic market economies. As any Introduction to Economics textbook shows, monopolies set prices far in excess of what they would be in a competitive market, thus incurring obscene profits. In such situations, government regulations are absolutely necessary to protect the public from predatory pricing."...Joel Harrison, PHD, MPH


 Unlike ALL of the Sempra, SDG&E and affiliate Powerlink supporters...NONE of these organizations, social groups, politicians or environmental groups...have been PAID to oppose the Sunrise Powerlink.
Additionally, blog space is not wasted on the non-authoritative views of - Local Community Planning Groups or Local Chambers' of Commerce.


THE CORRUPTION AND UNDUE-SOVEREIGNTY OF THE BLM  (BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT)The BLM consists of incompetent, heartless and corrupt cronies in important regulatory and oversight positions...all the while- utilizing Cheney's anti-environmental-- pro-business "provisions" from their "NECO" (Northern and Eastern Colorado Desert Plan) handbook.  The BLM "permitted" the dangerous, expensive  polluting Sunrise Powerlink through OUR public land under the auspices of the "NECO" agenda--The NECO agenda: IGNORE all environmental, wildlife, economic, cultural, historic, public safety and health impacts
Cheney's Energy Policy Act of 2005 (H.R.6.):

Eliminated environmental and safety reviews to enhance corporations (BP, Sempra, et al) ability to exploit our natural resources with little or no oversite and with maximum profit. Required a study to eliminate "impediments" (environmental, cultural, economic including policies and regulations) wildlife, human health, fish, wild lands, cultural, historical...(Sec 357)

Permanently exempted oil & natural gas construction activities - roads, drill pads, pipeline corridors, refineries from having to obtain a permit for controlling polluted stormwater runoff - Previously required by the Clean Water Act. (Sec 323)

Sweeping new authority for the Department of Interior (ex-Sempra lobbyist,
David Hayes is currently Deputy Director of the Interior) to permit new energy projects in the Outer Continental Shelf without adequate oversight or standards. (Sec 321) .

Here is just a sample of what Cheney, the BLM, corruption, greed and incompetence have done to our beautiful America:

Rep Don Burton, Ind-R and the Humane Society BLASTED the BLM for mismanagement of our wild Mustangs and gross waste of public taxpayer's funds.  Rep Burton vows to ask Senate Appropriations to slash the BLM budget.
"This is another bureaucratic nightmare that we in this Congress should not--and I don't believe will--put up with. And I'm going to ask the Appropriations Committee to cut the budget of the Bureau of Land Management because they're wasting the taxpayers' money by millions and millions and maybe hundreds of millions of dollars.  Last year, the government (BLM) spent about $144 million managing private livestock on Federal public lands, and they only collect $21 million for grazing rights. So they lost at least $123 million per year. And some people estimate that they lose as much as $500 million a year, half a billion dollars, by keeping these grazing lands in private hands where people get them for almost nothing. $21 million was what the fee was that they got last year."...Rep Burton, Ind-R
The BLM and The Department of the Interior ignore an entire coalition of Native Americans, environmentalists, and desert enthusiasts who had to file a lawsuit to stop destruction of at least 6000 acres on the desert ecosytem, cultural resources and a national historic trail-- from unproven gas-engine fired solar fields in the Imperial Valley desert. The companies (Stirling and Tessera) involved testified that they would use unproven and flawed technology. This technology is so poor that these companies could not find ANY outside investors to fund them!..The Department of the Interior approved and "fast-tracked" them for US taxpayer's Federal Stimulus money...this "set-up-for failure project is "linked" to Sempra Energy and SDG&E's Sunrise Powerlink. Ex Sempra lobbyist, David Hayes just happens to be Deputy Director of the Interior....Corruption at work!

The National Law Journal reports : "High court losses STUN environmentalists- (2009) : 0 wins 5 losses in Supreme Court, anti-environment"
Judge denies Animal Rights Groups plea to at least postpone BLM's helicopter wild mustang roundups in 100+ degree desert heat. To make room for a natural gas pipeline. (at least a dozen horses were killed by the BLM.  Many more were tortured due to- exhaustion, dehydration, hooves worn to the bloody bone, etc. due to the miles upon miles the BLM helicopters forced the wild Mustangs to the 100+ degree heat)

BLM Ignores Process, 2.5 Million Acres to Be Opened for Oil Shale Development - Public Denied Chance to Comment on 12 Resource Management Plans.
BLM ignores Western Shoshone Objections - Barrick Gold Readies Itself to Carve up Mount Tenabo...the most publically opposed mine in the world .

Bush rushes to open Grand Canyon to toxic uranium mining. BLM publishes proposed rule which ignores House committee’s resolution .

Public groups oppose BLM's (Cheney's) NECO: Northern and Eastern Colorado Desert Plan which not only ignores, but is critically harmful to the environment. Impacting California's - Imperial, Riverside and San Bernadino Deserts..from 2002.

New Mexico Battles FEDS to Stop Gas Drilling Near an Aquifer...Cheney's provision exempted hydraulic fracturing (natural gas extraction method that contaminates ground water). Clean Water Act ignored.
Earth Justice and the public oppose the polluting Red Cliff Mine ...underground coal mining. Yet the BLM ignores the greenhouse gas impacts of methane -- 21 times more powerful than C02 as a cause of global warming. BLM ignores the impacts to deer and elk habitat -- as well as proposed wilderness lands destruction.
BLM, Salazar and Hayes ignore important cultural and environmental permanent destruction and approve a second rate solar panel project in Blythe, California. Project lands for the Blythe Solar construction on 7500 acres contain world-wide well known geoglyphs including Kokopilli, Cicimitl, El Tosco, the 16 layer Temple, and other features. Flaked quartz left as offerings over hundreds of years by native peoples indicate the cultural importance of the sites to be destroyed if the Blythe Solar power project is built as planned.
**12/28/2010 -- La Cuna de Aztlan Sacred Sites Protection Circle, a Native American cultural protection group, filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court, of California, challenging the Bureau of Land Management permitting processes regarding six large solar facilities planned for the Mohave, Sonoran and Colorado deserts of Southern California (Case No.10CV2664 WQH WVG), including Imperial Valley- (Sunrise Powerlink).

National Agricultural Law Center calls BLM's Federal Rangeland Policy...Perverting Law and Jeopardizing Eco-Systems

BLM ignores group's proposals to consider alternate route to lessen severe environmental impacts and create more jobs in Nevada for a natural gas pipeline.

Powder River Basin, Fortification Creek in Wyoming...coalbed methane. BLM’s approval of wells ignores research showing loss of habitat extends beyond the activity associated with gas development – up to 1.7 miles. The Wyoming Wildlife Federation has joined other concerned groups in appealing the BLM’s approval.

BLM Ignores Request by Native Americans, Local Residents, Historic Preservationists, and Conservationists to Protect Arch Canyon's Cultural Resources...(for, of all unnecessary road vehicle driving

Salazar, Hayes and BLM ignore critical environmental impacts to coal leasing -instead opting for more profits for corporations.

"EPA Vetoes Permit For Largest Mountaintop Removal Mine In West Virginia, Arch Coal's Spruce No. 1 . The Environmental Protection Agency is revoking a crucial water permit for West Virginia's largest mountaintop removal mine because it would irreparably damage the environment and threaten the health of nearby communities. Assistant Administrator for Water Peter S. Silva said the agency was employing a rarely used veto power because Arch Coal's Spruce No. 1 mine in Logan County would use "destructive and unsustainable" mining practices." 1/14/2011...from The Huffington Post.

The Department of the Interior, (Dec 23, 2010), issued a new “Wild Lands” secretarial order to the Bureau of Land Management, instructing the agency to designate a few unique areas with wilderness qualities, and manage them in a way that protects those qualities.  The order restores an authority which had been undermined by a 2003 Bush administration settlement. Areas that could receive protection include: Vermillion Basin in Colorado; Labyrinth Canyon in Utah; Adobe Town in Wyoming; Owyhee Canyonlands in southeastern Oregon; Granite Range in Nevada; and Quayle Draw in Arizona.

The District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals denied an attempt by "industry groups" (Big Polluters) and the state of Texas to halt implementation of greenhouse gas regulations developed by the Environmental Protection Agency under the federal Clean Air Act. The order was issued in three separate cases captioned Coalition for Responsible Regulation, et al. v. EPA (nos. 09-1322 and consolidated cases, 10-1073 and consolidated cases, and 10-1092 and consolidated cases).

Federal court victory that sided with environmental concerns in determining that the Bureau of Land Management erred when it added 5,000 miles of off-highway vehicle (OHV) routes in the Western Mojave Desert.

Federal Court for the District of Idaho awarded Western Watersheds Project a stunning victory in an Order overturning the Bush Administration’s grazing regulations for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) affecting over 160,000,000 acres of public lands in eleven western states.
Corrupt CPUC Simon
CPUC Commissioner SIMON approves multiple rate increases to abused and over-burdened San Diego ratepayers for $ TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.  Despite the fact that Simon was caught red-handed being wined & dined (Booze, Jazz Bars, 1st Class Night Life -bribery) by SDG&E- using San Diego ratepayer's money.  CPUC SIMON even had a petition for his removal filed in court for having closed door secret meetings and deals with SDG&E AFTER deposition (for this rate case) SDG&E was found GUILTY by experts sworn testimony, of causing 3 catastrophic San Diego Wildfires in 2007 due to shoddy maintenance and installation of power lines.  SDG&E was FINED $14 MILLION by the State of California. 

 In direct opposition to proven, documented court cases, rulings and expert testimony -- CPUC Simon claims that the wildfires were San Diego's fault- stating " San Diego was not prepared for the wildfires".. and approves $ tens of millions in rate hikes to innocent San Diego ratepayers.
***In SDG&E's upside-down world of falsities and lies -- Sempra/SDG&E pay tens of millions of dollars in FINES...but they will not admit guilt (payment of fines is proof enough of SDG&E/Sempra's GUILT). They call FINES -"settlements.  When they are found guilty of lying, suppressing information, fraud...they call it "management failure"...Sempra/SDG&E only FOOL themselves. 

San Diego Board of Supervisors requests a formal probe regarding Sempra's bribery charges and use of rate-payer's money to build their Costa Azul resort for Sempra CEO and his cronies.

Ex-controller says Sempra paid bribes in Mexico:
This is a statement from "20 POINTS WHY SEMPRA ENERGY MUST LEAVE BAJA CALIFORNIA" Legislators and Representatives attending the XLIX Mexico-United States Interparliamentary Meeting :
"The judicial recourse indicated Sempra Energy as responsible for alleged bribes to the former Baja California governor to undertake the expropriation of legitimate lands, of which more than 300 hectares had been transacted for the main project for Marathon Oil, Sempra’s rival company which excelled in processing the permits, Marathon Oil having had to give up because of the clear favoritism and protection of the State Government for SEMPRA, a company which was given every facility and with which it even partnered through his daughter Erika Elorduy Blackaller."
PETITION SEEKS TO DISQUALIFY CPUC MEMBER At issue is the practice of CPUC commissioners meeting privately with utility companies and others with business being decided by the commission. CPUC Simon, met in closed door meetings with SDG&E to discuss SDG&E's planned rate hike to San Diego customers The major rate hike proposed by SDG&E is to charge it's customers for SDG&E's faulty and shoddy powerline construction and maintenance that was proven to be the cause of multiple San Diego wildfires and fatalities. The CPUC denied this ridiculous rate hike...but Commissioner Simon (picture-left), after closed door meetings with SDG&E and a big HIGH TIME at an expensive Jazz Bar with SDG&E -has approved the rate hike. CPUC's Simon's only defense is that bribery, wining, dining, and secret closed door meetings with SDG&E/Sempra, after "common practice".. "Common practice" does not mean that the incident was in fact legal or ethical. Bribery, wining, dining and secret CPUC-SDG&E meetings after deposition is NOT and will never be legal or ethical in the USA.

SDG&E falsely labels its many fines and penalties for (lying, fraud, mistakes..among many other crimes), as "settlements on management failure". Only a fool would believe this gibberish..perhaps they are only trying to "fool" themselves.

SDG&E plans major rate hikes for residential and small business during peak hours - SDG&E shareholders are the only one who will benefit.

SDG&E asks for $1 BILLION in rate hikes - because "San Diego does not use enough power"
SDG&E's utility rates are some of the highest in the country - despite the fact that San Diego has the most mild, sunny climate in the world.

SDG&E plans major rate hike for peak hours - because "San Diego uses too much power"

California Governor Jerry Brown, as CA State Attorney General, fined Sempra Energy $400 MILLION, found GUILTY for causing the California energy creating false "black-outs" to force California ratepayers to buy overinflated energy ...that did not exist. A criminal act against the people and the government...this was just one of many fines they must continue to pay for this specific criminal act.

SDG&E's guilty verdict - must pay $1+ MILLION in fines for lying about the route of the Sunrise Powerlink...affected citizens receive nothing.

CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) has fined Sempra and SDG&E over $130 MILLION for crimes, -lies and fraud (guilty verdicts) ...just in the past few years...affected ratepayers receive nothing

SDG&E lies to the public claiming there are NO fire dangers from Sunrise Powerlink - The Fire & Fuel section in the official EIR- reports there are many extreme high fire risks

SDG&E gets caught lying to the CPUC (again) about the dangers and opponents of their "shut off plan"

SDG&E lobbyists dictate scripted letters to San Diego's elected politicians to approve SDG&E's shut off plan...all of those politicians also received generous compensation from SDG&E's (ratepayers)

CPUC officially rejects SDG&E's shut-off plan

Experts agree that faulty power line installations by SDG&E caused multiple wild fires in San Diego County.

Nine SDG&E executives have to take back "campaign donations" made to San Diego Supervisor Ron of the ONLY politicians in San Diego who was in favor of the Sunrise Powerlink..the Sunrise Powerlink's route is no where near Ron Robert's district

SDG&E official heads El Cajon Chamber of Commerce - El Cajon Chamber receives LARGE donations from SDG&E - El Cajon Chamber of Commerce supports Sunrise Powerlink - The Powerlink route does not affect or go near any part of El Cajon.

Former "top" California state official /utility exec illegally started lobbying for the Sunrise Powerlink before "cooling off" period...revolving door policy in action despite Federal Laws.

SDG&E must pay $80,000 to CFTC for illegal trading in natural gas futures (buying & selling in one call)...that's ILLEGAL TRADING IN NATURAL GAS FUTURES...even the "dimly lit" leaders at SDG&E know that Sempra's foreign natural gas from Costa Azul is a polluting, expensive, giant mistake that no one wants or needs.

Sempra CEO pays himself $20 MILLION salary - will not let shareholders have a say...
Sempra CEO's greed and self importance is spiraling out-of-control...Felsinger ("Nero"), uses $17 MILLION of California's utility ratepayer's money to build a lavish "palace"- degrading the beautiful Baja coastline for himself and his cronies. Sempra fires honest executive who questioned wasteful spending. Lawsuit calls Casa Azul “an oceanfront vacation home” being built for Felsinger “at the utility ratepayers’ expense,” ...Sempra CEO living HIGH ON THE HOG...

As of November 9, 2010...Sempra's earnings are down by 59% due to unit sales. Stock already down by 4%

"Dead Man Walking" is a term used for death row prison inmates, called out by the guards as the prisoner takes his last "walk" to the death chamber. As you read all this information, you see the pattern has already been set in motion -- of a company (Sempra and SDG&E) ..and their lies upon lies, the sheer greed and willingness to destroy the environment and human lives;  the fact that Sempra's own employees are now starting to turn on them ...Good people only need to learn and acknowledge the truth about Sempra-BP-SDG&E stop them..."